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Imagine a place that is called Playground, the name just says it all. More than 20 waves in a really short boat ride make the Playground Mentawai one of the most dreamed destinations for all surfers around the world.

Like a wave machine, the surf at the playground area offers you some of the most perfect and rippable waves on the planet, it is as close as you can get to a skate park where you can try to land a trick over and over again. Honestly the perfect place to have a better feel of your surfboards, also the place that you can try different fins and really notice the difference.

At Playground Surf Resort you will have the best bed you can find at the Mentawai Islands. Well-balanced meals are prepared with fresh food by a Western REAL Chef, so you are having the best ingredients you can find in the West Sumatra prepared from a professional in a buffet style.

Now let's face the reality, as surfers we are quite competitive and we always want to put our friends in combination. I personally don't know one surfer that doesn't want to improve their surf skills, and that is totally natural since we want to do more and do better on everything we love doing

Now, if you have a real coach, not someone that can hardly surf and want to teach something that he doesn't even know, but a skilled surfer that was born in a place that breathes surf 365 days of the year, someone that has surfed all his life at a place where there are waves of consequences and grew up surfing around professional surfers like: Taj Barrow, Jake Patterson, Jack Robinson, Jay Davis.

Well, you can have that now. We are going to run for the 4th consecutive year 2 trips back to back at the best time of the year. Mentawai Hight Performance camp is a partnership with the Margaret River High-Performance Centre and the Playground Surf Resort.

Jarrad the coach and also the owner of the Margaret River Surf School takes his job really seriously, his passion for the sport and his drive to see people take their surf to the next level is really going to blow your expectations.

With all your waves recorded with pictures and videos, the one-on-one attention after a day of a lot of surf will make your surf skills get better and better at every session.

Unfortunately, we have only 2 trips like this each year and the spots are limited so be quick and secure your spot for the 2020 season.

The trips will run from

02/07/2020 to 09/07/2020

and 09/07/2020 to 16/07/2020

Get in contact with us for more information or alternatively go to the Margaret River High-Performance Centre website.Margaret River Surf School takes his job really seriously, his passion for the sport and his drive to see people take their surf to the next level is really going to blow your expectations.

Surfer : Coach Jarrad Photografer : Mateo

Get in contact with us for more informations or alternatively go to the Margaret River High Performance Centre website

The surf season about to end at Mentawai Island right?

Hi there my name is Oscar and I am one of the owners of Playground Surf Resort.

Every year I see a lot of people coming to the playgrounds around September, this is probably due to Kelly Slater and his movie September sessions. Well I have a little secret to share with you today, I have been surfing at Mentawai for over a decade and my best surf trip to the islands was in the low season or what we call shoulder season. (November to May)

Our Shoulder-Season is a secret gem that not many people are aware. We literally count down the days in August and September till our southeast winds back down and the Shoulder-Season winds (north to northwest) kick in.  While it's not as consistent to see the massive SW triple overhead swells, you will see overhead, clean surf every day and uncrowded waves.

Many of our guests arrive in peak Season looking for exactly this and spend their entire trip searching for what is available every single day in our Shoulder-Season!

The same happens in the beginning of the year around April, the south swells start to make their way towards the islands and you will see Mentawai waves starting to break perfectly across the reefs. Yes, not many of the Sumatra Surf Resorts are open at this time of the year just because there isn’t  enough people in the area at this time of the year.

We are also not open, BUT…If  you have 5 friends or more and you're looking for shoulder high to slightly overhead surf, fun barrels and turns, light crowds and great vibes, just drop us a line and we will take you to the best surf spots. Send us an email and let’s score some perfect waves together.

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