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  • Oscar Guiss


Every day of the 11-day at Playground Surf Resort, each of the group had a chance to surf a wave for its level, even at the peak of the swell that made smaller spots break epic and me and Flavio took some of the best tubes of the trip and maybe of our lives during the morning session. In the afternoon Doni, Playground’s surf guide, as always sending the people to the water in the right place, at the right time while Jack O’Grady and Tarcisio Marra where doing their magic behind the lens.

Each wave was clear the improving on everyone’s surfing, both on surfing technique and with the sea experience and with life. At night, at the time of slideshow, we did the surfing analysis to correct posture, wave readings and maneuvers.

For those of you thinking a trip to Mentawai is just surfing, I can guarantee one of the most beautiful sunset I've seen in my life.

I am eternally grateful to Playground Surf Resort, very well represented by Gustavo “Pseudo”, Oscar, Gui and Lélo for the opportunity.

By Josh Edwards.

Photografer : Jack O'Grady

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